Family and Matrimonial Law

The firm handles all aspects of family and matrimonial law including separation, divorce, annulment, and juvenile proceedings.

International Family Law

The firm assists clients in those aspects of family law that have international connotations and thus, require the application of international private law, the rules and regulations of the European Union, or the substantive laws of a foreign jurisdiction. The firm is also frequently involved in the civil aspects of international parental abduction of minors, and the application of the Hague Convention on point.

Civil Law

The firm handles all aspects of civil law that involve extra-judicial representation as well as litigation including contract law, personal injury law, torts, trust and estates, real property law, professional malpractice, and commercial law. The firm is also often involved in promoting claims for damages or request for restitution for criminal conduct within the context of penal proceedings.

International Law and International Commercial Transactions

The firm represents corporate and individual clients in litigation, arbitration, and other alternate dispute resolution proceedings with respect to claims for breach of international contracts, such as Joint Venture Agreements, International Sales Agreements, Agency Agreements, and International Service Contracts.

Moreover, G & G assists clients in the negotiation, drafting, and implementation of international commercial transactions and international joint venture agreements. In the event of dispute over the interpretation or execution of said contracts, the firm assists client in litigation and other alternate dispute resolution proceedings.

Criminal Law

The firm represents clients who are charged with serious criminal violations, and in particular foreigner nationals who are implicated in significant crimes while visiting or residing in Italy.