About the firm

The International Law Offices of Guttieres & Grillandini provide quality legal services both on a national and international level in all matters relating to family law, civil law, commercial law, and certain aspects of criminal law. The firm assists a wide-range of corporate and individual clients in litigation and non-litigation matters, as well as in alternate dispute resolution proceedings, such as arbitration and mediation.

The firm’s offices located at Via Barberini 3, in the historic center of Rome, near Via Veneto, the American Embassy, and the Barberini – Trevi Fountain Metro Station. It also maintains subsidiary offices in Miami Florida. Given it extensive international background, over the years G & G has provided effective legal services to individual and corporate clients in most areas of civil law not only in Italy, but throughout Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. To assist the client in providing comprehensive and effective representation internationally, the firm maintains close relations with several leading firms in numerous countries with which it associates on a regular basis for those disputes, claims, or transactions that transcend national boundaries.

A significant portion of the firm’s practice focuses on the various aspects of family law (divorce, separation, custody, child abduction, alimony and maintenance, division and distribution of community assets, etc.). With decades of experience in this field, each attorney of the firm adopt is particularly sensitive to the delicate psychological and emotional aspects which often come to play in this delicate field of law. Quite frequently family disputes, in particular, generate enormous amounts of stress and emotional pressure that may impede a client’s judgment. Mindful of this, each member of the firm is trained to handle the unique aspects of a family related manner, and adopts an understanding and compassionate approach, when dealing and counseling a client.

The longstanding, professional relationship of mutual esteem and respect that Attorneys Alexander Guttieres and Mara Grillandini developed over many years of collaboration has been a key factor in the firm’s success. This professional relationship stems back to the early nineties, when Attorneys Guttieres and Grillandini were associates of the renowned firm, Studio Legale Internazionale Mario Guttieres and Laura Remiddi. Their association is said firm allowed both to gain precious experience professionally, while working together on a variety of complex litigation and arbitration proceedings. Therefore, to take advantage of their combined legal experiences, in 2009, Alex Guttieres and Mara Grillandini decided to join forces and form the International Law Offices of Guttieres & Grillandini.

Another of the firm’s major assets is the assiduous collaboration that it maintains with the Law Office of Attorney Laura Remiddi (former senior partner Studio Legale Internazionale Mario Guttieres and Laura Remiddi). Given her great expertise in family law that makes her unquestionably one of the most renowned practitioners in Italy in this field, Attorney Remiddi’s professional contributions to the firm in complex family disputes have proven invaluable. Attorney Remiddi maintains her prestigious law office on the same premises, and we at Guttieres & Grillandini are most fortunate to be able to count on her collaboration (See more on Atty. Laura Remiddi in Attorney Profile).

To ensure the highest standard of professional service, the factual and legal issues of each new legal matter are thoroughly reviewed, and all available pleadings and evidence are carefully examined by the attorney assigned to the examine the case. After a comprehensive evaluation to determine the merits of a claim or dispute, the members of the firm convene to develop – on a collegiate basis – the strategy that is considered most suitable for the client’s needs. Thereafter, each aspect of the case is exhaustively and transparently discussed with said client so that he may decide, on a completely informed basis, whether to pursue the legal strategy which the firm considers most effective.

Each client is important to the firm, regardless of the nature of the dispute or the value of the claim. At G & G we adopt all reasonable measures necessary to ensure that every decision by the client is based on informed consent and a thorough understanding of all pertinent legal and factual issues relating to his case. To this end, any circumstance and development that might affect the outcome of the case is promptly communicated to the client on a timely basis.